Hare Krishnas feed thousands in quake ravaged Nepal

Kathmandu – 28th April, 2015: In the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal, Hare Krishna Food for Life, a program run by ISKCON, has setup relief camps in the capital city of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur to help those affected by the natural disaster. A mini relief camp is also being setup in the town of Panauti, 31 km South-East of Kathmandu.

With the help of 350 Food for Life (FFL) volunteers, the FFL team is daily serving 5000 people in Kathmandu and 7000 people Bhaktapur with fresh nutritious meals. Over the next few days, the number of meals being served by the Hare Krishna Food for Life volunteers are expected to double from 12,000 to 24,000 day.

“The distribution starts early in morning and ends a little after mid-night. As the situation unfolds, we expect more people who would need assistance. We are working with the local government officials and are setting up medical camps and shelters. Our team of seven doctors and six paramedics from Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai have reached Kathmandu today to help the victims” said Patri Dasa, Regional Secretary of ISKCON Nepal.

As per the reports from the volunteers, the consignments consisting food grains along with other basic necessities including clothing, tent equipments and medicines have reached the other two ISKCON Relief Camps to help the people who have taken shelter there.

With severe shortage of man power and resources, food is also being provided to the patients and hospital staff on the request of government agencies. The FFL team has also been organizing food distribution camps in various localities and in Sankhu and other rural places where assistance is urgently needed and transportation is still difficult.

Hare Krishna Food for Life is the world largest vegetarian food relief program. Inaugurated in 1974, the program is today is active in over 60 countries and has been actively involved in relief programs during major natural disasters and conflicts including:

  • Floods in Jammu & Kashmir – India(2014)
  • Cyclone Phailian – India (2013)
  • Typhoon Haiyan – Philippines ( 2013)
  • Tsunami in Japan (2011)
  • Hurricane Katrina – USA (2005)
  • War in Chechnya (1995)