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Mission Statement

To provide vegetarian meals that are subsidized, healthy, freshly prepared, karma-free, and Yoga-friendly (sattvic). Proceeds are used to support a not-for-profit initiative of karma-free food distribution across university campuses, elders in the community, and shelters for the homeless.

Krishna Lunch , why?

It is good for your Heart & Soul

Krishna Lunch is Karma Free Food, cooked with the mood to offer back to the Creator. We use Sattvic ingredients that is not agitating to the mind and body, enhancing physical and spiritual health.

It Preserves Nature


100% vegetarian. No meat, fish or eggs. It is prepared in a completely vegetarian kitchen that follows strict Vedic Standards and packaged in ECO FRIENDLY  Boxes.

It is Affordable


We offer boxed meals for $5!  Possible with the help of volunteers passionate about sharing Karma Free food.

It is Convenient


Krishna Lunch is available 5 days a week. You can select a location near you and reserve your box right here!

Get Krishna Lunch

Menu: Week of Feb 25th 🙂

1. Rice
2. Rajma (Kidney beans in spicy gravy)
3. Seasoned Stir Fried Vegetables
4. Pineapple Halwa (Dessert made of cream of wheat and pineapples)

1. Tomatoes, Peas and Corn Spicy Rice
2. Savory Indian Chickpeas
3. Aloo Dum (Potato Curry)
4. Cashew Raisin Halwa (Dessert made of cream of wheat, cashews and raisins)

1. Rice
2. Mutter Paneer (Home-made cheese cubes and peas in tomato cream sauce)
3. Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Curry
4. Gulab Jamuns (Lightly fried milk balls soaked in a rose flavored syrup)

1. Rice
2. Chole Palak (Chickpeas and spinach)
3. Paneer Tikka Masala (Marinated paneer with a spicy tomato gravy and peppers)
4. Almond Saffron Halwa (Dessert made of cream of wheat, almonds and saffron)

1. Rice and Peas
2. Malai Kofta (Veggie balls in tomato cream sauce)
3. Vegetarian Korma (Mixed vegetables in a spiced sauce)
4. Mango Saffron Halwa (Dessert made of cream of wheat, saffron and mango pulp)

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Pick-up Locations*

Note: All orders after 10 am will be counted towards next day's Krishna Lunch.

Contact Us:; 224 616 0896 (Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm)

Volunteer for Krishna Lunch and get your lunch box for free:


Here's What Krishna Lunchers Say

“You have no idea what a positive effect you have had on my Northwestern experience.  Krishna became an integral part of my undergraduate experience.”
Northwestern University
“Food is delicious, price is cheap and you guys are really friendly!”
Illinois Institute of Technology
“I always loved these lunches but I am no longer at the school anymore and moved to new york. Is it possible to have some recipes so I can try to make some at home?”
Illinois Institute of Technology
“You guys are so particular about being on time–It’s amazing!!!”
IT Professional
“We love working with you so much.”
Homeless Chicagoans
“Kudos to your team for the mouth watering and authentic Indian Food !”
IT Professional
Environment, Timeliness, Organization, and Quality… Perfect!!
Illinois Institute of Technology
“I was compelled to write and say how delicious lunch is today!……I don’t know if your food is having an influence, but I’ve been less interested in eating meat these days…   :)”
Program Assistant
Northwestern University
The attention to detail and the customer service was greater than great.”
Working Professional
“I am a grad student in the biomedical engineering program.  I like Krishna Lunch because they serve delicious fresh food that is actually healthy for you.  There aren’t a lot of food options on campus other than the standard pizza and burgers, and Krishna Lunch is the only good vegetarian option around.  I love the variety of dishes too. “
Northwestern University