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    Note: All orders after 10 am will be counted towards next day’s Krishna Lunch.

Menu for week 10/27


  • Rice
  • Dhaal Makhini (whole black Indian lentils and kidney beans)
  • Aloo Gobi (seasoned cauliflower and potatoes)
  • Blueberry Halwa

Tuesday (SPECIAL!!!)

  • Samosas (fried pastry with spicy potato filling)
  • Cranberry chutney (sweet and spicy condiment)
  • Carob Walnut Halwa


  • Rice
  • Rajma (kidney beans in a thick gravy)
  • Baingan Bharta (spicy roasted and mashed eggplant)
  • Simple Wonderfuls (home-made milk fudge)

Thursday (NEW!!!)

  • Rice
  • Lobia/Chawalie (Indian spiced black-eye beans)
  • Seasoned Paneer and Mixed Vegetables
  • Carob Ladoo (Carob and coconut sweet balls)


  • Rice
  • Paneer Butter Masala (home-made cheese cubes with a cashew-tomato gravy)
  • Gulab Jamuns (lightly fried milk balls soaked in a rose flavored sugar syrup)

Krishna Lunch is karma free vegetarian food made with oodles of love and energy. It’s creative, full of variety, yoga friendly, and needless to say a fiesta for the taste-buds!

  • Vegetarian-150x150

    100% vegetarian. No meat, no eggs. All the food is even prepared in a completely vegetarian kitchen.

  • Yoga-Friendly-150x150

    Yoga-friendly (sattvic). We only use ingredients that are fresh, pure, and easy on the digestive system, avoiding stimulants that agitate the mind and body.

  • Locally-Made-Icon-150x150

    Locally made in Chicago. Fresh meals cooked in the Hare Krishna temple in Rogers Park according to strict Vedic standards.